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Obibi is professional manufacturer of high-quality cotton baby underwear, baby clothes, Baby dresses, Baby clothing, Baby diaper cover, baby accessories, children's underwear, and custom services. Our factory in China, Products sale to more than 50 countries global.
We use information technology operations, so that dealers and consumers to easily order and tracking orders, from ordering, production, packaging, transportation, information technology to achieve tracking, enabling customers to track order status and detailed process.

Our Baby clothes, baby accessories including: baby bodysuit, baby Romper, Baby T-shirts, baby vest, baby pants, baby warm pants, baby sweaters, baby diapers, baby diaper covers, baby bib, baby bibs, clothing, baby gloves, baby booties, baby yarn shoes, baby hats, baby blankets, baby poncho, baby pillows, baby sleeping bags, baby sling, baby backpack, baby toddler belt, baby strap, baby towels, baby bathrobes;
The Children's underwears including: Boy underwear, Boy shorts, Boy vests, Boy T-shirt; Girl underwear, girl shorts, girl vests, girl T-shirt

Business Description:
- Wholesale customers, Please email to us request the latest price catalog, Please attach your company name, address, telephone, and need which series of catalog.
- Custom Your Styles (OEM), please email inquiry which your style details and requirements and photos, We will reply within 24 hours.
- If would to visit us, Please contact us to determine the visiting hours.

Corporate Office
#256 Zhongshan Dadao Dong
GuangZhou, Guangdong
China 510700
Tel: tel
Fax: tel
Email: [email protected],[email protected]
Factory: #816 Spring Lake Industry Zone, Shantou, GuangDong,China 515800

To place an order or to ask a question , please By E-mail
NOTICE: Any business Email and Fax We are reply in 24 hours.
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